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Revanth Hawa in the Congress .. Continuing !!?

Hyderabad, November 24, ( is the fear that the party will have no future .. TDP has jumped into the Congress .... But the latest developments do not hesitate at the level of tetadappa that he will remain in Congress even in Hawa? Or, among the senior leaders who are already counting on that party, the group is like Govindaya .. Is not it worth living for recognition? There are suspicions now. Analysts feel that the Congress party has no hope on Revanth Reddy. And the Congress leaders may feel that they will benefit from Revanth but can not be bumped to the Congress. Will he have the top tumbling in the party that Revanth has hoped for? There is a lot of rumors in the party when Revanth Reddy is changing the party. He was accompanied by many leaders in the Telugu Desam, mainly from the Reddy community of Tedda. Uma Madhavareddi, Peddireddy, Rawas Chandrasekhara Reddy and others. But it's all over the course of time. Raws, pedded reddish is not worth. The latest news comes with the Uma Madhavardhi's son coming up with the Teeras. This is an unexpected consequence of Congress. And what is the status of what they hoped for by Rewand, what was his status as he was in favor of that level? Or not? Now it's yours. When Rahul, Reddy came to the party, he told Rahul that he would be brought along with him .. He did not know what positions he had to deal with. But there is no benefit to the Congress that he has been unimaginable. Revanth decided on December 9 to go to Gandhivasan. Whether it's murkur strength.

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