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in West needs maternity doctors ....

Eluru, November 25, ( are Regional Hospitals in Bhimavaram, Thadapalligudem, Thanaku, Palikol, Narasapuram, Kovavur, Nidadavolu and Jangareddygudam along with Eluru Central Hospital. There are fewer doctors in all areas. Of the 45 vacancies vacated in various departments, 13 vacancies, 12 children's doctors, 10 drunken doctors and 10 MBBS doctors are vacant. Only one Eluru hospital receives 1800 people per day. There are about 7,000 patients with an average of 5,000 for other hospitals. But the number of doctors, paramedical staff, nurses, and other staffing services is low. Paramedical staff is getting worse. There are about 200 people in the district. As a result of the burden on those who are not familiar, they are trained and trained. In order to avoid this, a 50-member paramedical staff headed by the Coordination Officer of the District Hospital Services has proposed to appoint a new group of new paramedical personnel as well as experts in radiology departments in Eluru and Bhimavaram. The intensive care unit in Eluru has three vacant posts. The rest of the staff are not aware of the cost of the cost of the cost of the cost of the cost of the cost of a cost of The reality is that the majority of those who are in central and regional hospitals are maternal and child problems. The number of people getting surplus hospitals has increased greatly. The maternity department in Eluru is concerned with the corporate level. It was started by Chief Minister Chandrababu. But there is no shortage of doctors. There are only ten maternity experts and only four are working. If one of them is on duty overnight, the remaining three surgeries and other OP is to be served. There are 60 caesareans per day in Eluru government hospital where there is no place. While 20 cesareans are required for an average day, you should spend about ten hours for a cesarean half an hour. Time for testing for those who are admitted to the rest of the population and those who are regularly examined daily. There are situations where the patients are advised to try Vijayawada and Kakinada to cope with stress. Tadapalligudem, Bhimavaram, Thanaku, Jangareddygoodam are the same obstetrician experts. There are no gynecologist in the rest of the rulers, colvur, hospitals and hospitals. All of the above mentioned hospitals are recommended for the Eluru hospitals, including Sunday, where doctors leave the relevant caesarean cases. In this way, the Aluru hospital is on the rise. The number of gynecologists in the rest of the hospitals, including Eluru, allows patients to provide better services.

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