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Sanga Reddy, June 23, 2018 (
It is reported that illegal ventures are being carried out in several areas within the district of Sanga reddy. The issue was taken seriously by the official administration. The program has begun to remove the non-compliance requirements. Officials have found that some ventures in the Pataran area area are irregular. Officials decided to identify the illegal layouts in the villages and issue immediate checks. It is clear that the relevant official authority has not been told to avoid any objection to the entirely unacceptable Venture Venture. It is reported that the full scale demolition was intended to be carried out. Furthermore, news reports say senior officials have been warned about the backwardness of legal actions against the responsible officials. The Secretaries of Jinnar, Gummidiyal, Aminpur, Ramchandrapuram, and Panchayat Raja Extension Officers are attending the meeting with Patanchar with the orders of the superior. Illegal layouts were collected in villages.


On the other hand, it has been issued orders to the relevant authorities to take a strict approach to venture approvals. In addition, information has been taken to ensure that the Secretaries of the villages are working on full-scale surveillance. This is the list of details. Hear the intelligence report for this. It has been reported that we have already collected information about the main village. The news is reported to have taken action on a secretary who cooperated with the disorder. Everything is going to be intended to keep track of the details of the proceedings of the remaining villages. In the district, there is still a huge signature of granting approvals for the construction of the layouts in respect of older signatures. Illegal reactions were drawn to strict measures to thwart completely. The orders were issued to the construction of houses and the construction of the houses in the villages. Everything is expressed in the actions taken by the Authority to check illegal ventures.

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