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Vijayawada, June 23, (
No two people say they do not think it's the one that is too small! It also applies to politics. But the rare thing is that two young politicians are currently thinking about the same in AP. Especially the media are not going to face the straightforward questions or they do not know how busy they are allocated, but both are going the same way. Pawan and Lokesh .. Both are leaders who can influence prospective politics! Both political backgrounds are the same but they are the only way to choose to criticize opponents! That's Twitter !! Whether to greet anyone or to criticize anyone, to let their opinions on any topic .. 


 This is the social media that most politicians are using Twitter! Politicians are also changing according to the trend. But do not give them the opportunity to talk to the media. Twitter does not even have the confidence to stay away from their questions. The names of the locals are mainly Lokesh and Pawan. Both the media do not like much to come forward and talk. Because the questions are .. answers. Have a little fear of where to get them? There are doubts about the social media. Two pieces of what they have to say are the voice of your choice. Both of them have occasionally used miles to criticize their opponents and criticize their criticisms In Twitter. Even though they do not care about them, they are going on their way to minister Lokesh and Janesena chief Pawan Kalyan !!  At that time, at least one word did not speak. In any case, Pawan has become a habit of reacting to the critics' argument. The Tatti controversy became much more complicated. Suddenly, Pawan came to know the matter and said that the CBI is going to inquire into the Twitter platform. A senior leader analyzed that Lokesh and Pawan's do not do any of the previous work to talk about any topic. One hour after the exercise, I can not tell you clearly what to say .. But these two leaders say that they trusted on Twitter.

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