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Kadapa,June 1,(
The Agriculture Department is all set to seed distribution program. However, it has provided seeds to some zonal centers. Failed to supply some of them. The agriculture department failed to take up the construction of all zones to supply all zonal centers. Evil warnings were made to reckless officials. But the expected change did not appear to have been neglected in the matter of the supply of seed to the Divisional Division. The SEPs, mandals and centers are fully susceptible to the seeds of the seed suppliers. The government has sanctioned 89,000 quintals of subsidized seeds to the district. 74 thousand quintals, lentils 2000 quintals, gingivitis and jute seeds were allotted. The southwest monsoon has reached Kerala state. With the possibility of touching the state within ten days, the farmers are worried about seed pin pine. Seeds should be sown in Kharif. If it is delayed, the yields will be questionable for the crops and pests. 


Paddy is cultivated in ten to 24,000 acres under submergence boards in the district. Before cultivating rice, it is essential to cultivate the fruits. The demand for fertilizers in the area of ​​green fodder has increased. Farmer wants to distribute the seeds before the shadows are gone. The latest snapshot of the surface of the Bay of Bengal has rained in several parts of the district for four days. Thus, farmers in the areas of the area were preparing the sacks. Seeds are ready to sow. The farming sector fails to supply subsidized seeds to the fields of war, kashinana, kalasapadu, b koduru and brahmangirimam mandams. It was reported that the seed was not fully supplied to Mandal and DCMS centers in the district. An example is the division of the combatant. On Tuesday, the collector informed Baburao Naidu deeply in the field of agriculture. There is a perception of the errors in the agriculture department and the Red Mark and Greenmark officials have been alerted to work alert. However, the expected change seems unlikely. Agricultural authorities in the respective districts are not supplied with stock listings for seed supplies. It does not mean what the top executives do.

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