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Vijayawada,June 1,(
Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu tepipakura said 55 thousand power sector employees and pensioners. He has approved the recommendations of the Pay Revision Committee. Approved to give 25% fitness for the period 2018-22. This will enable two weightage increments to those who have been in service for over 15 years and to give incentives to people in service over 15 years. This decision will cost an additional Rs 800 crore to the power companies, but it has also taken the decision for the welfare of employees. Each electrical worker called for a better service to the consumers, with the responsibility of disciplining, and for the development of power sector. On the other side of the welfare department, Chandrababu has given key directions. The results of the schemes are to be sent to specific categories. In order to utilize real time governance technology, it has been ordered to deal with complaints and complaints from 1100 toll free number instantaneously.


The Chief Minister has directed us to inform the public that any program should be given to the people and what we are spending on the scheme should be fruitful and the beneficiaries. "We're doing what we do. The beneficiaries have a desire. The decisions of the government implementing schemes are expected to join. We do what they want. The highest satisfaction is to come, "the Chief Minister said. How the neighboring states like Karisma and Karnataka are selling quality on tribal corporation ceremonies. The CE suggested how to study the functioning of the respective tribal cooperatives as to how they are profitable. The budget allocated to the Social Welfare Department in the year 2017-18 was Rs.3692.44. Total cost of Rs. 3144.21. (85%). The total allocation in the year 2018 was Rs 4,278.78 crore. The amount allocated to tribal welfare in 2017-18 1815.33 crore was allotted and Rs 1724.44 crore (95%) was spent. Rs. 2129.13 crores is sanctioned. The BC Budget for the welfare of Rs 5015.70 crore is Rs. 4916.23 crores (98%) were spent. In the year 2018, Rs 6213.16 crore was allocated

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