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Hyderabad, June 25, (
Several gram panchayats running under serpents from this year have been away from the election due to the downturn.
Slums of modified and merged gram panchayats will remain in positions until the end of next month. Though they are incorporated in the panchayats, their post till the end of the month until the end of the term of office. After July, the Panchayats will be merged in the municipalities. There are no elections in these days. Leaders who are interested in serpents in such areas will have to wait for the municipal elections. 40 panchayats will be merged in the joint district of the newly set up. 


 This time it will be holding the municipal elections. Nalgonda, Nagarekal, Sagar, Halia, Chitala and Chandur will be transformed into municipalities. The Chandur Panchayats will be municipalities with the Panchayat merger and the Chinna Panchayat together with the Shivanenigudem panchayat. There are no panchayats in Nakarekal, Sagar and Halia. With existing areas, they will become municipalities. In the Suryapeta district, the child laborers will be merged with the children of  Gandhinagar, Kudakuda, Bibigudem, Darawalli, Ketiannaram, Kusumavarigudem and Dasogigudem panchayats in Suryapet. Komarabanda, Thamara, Balaji Nagar, will be merged in Kodada municipalities. Ramapuram, Narsaiogudem and Chillepalli villages are going to be a part of the nursery. Malipuram, Nandapuram and Anantharam villages will be merged and Tirumalgiri will be set up. The Chautuppal premises are being organized by the Tangedupalli, lakkaram, cotton syngaram and lingoogugudem panchayat in the district of Bhuvanagiri. Yadagirigutta will be a part of the Yadagirigutta with the merger of Yadagirigutta, patagutta and Peddireddypally. The Bahadurpet Panchayat will be merged with Aleru, Buzhilapur and Kondagada Panchayat will be set up as a pub. Bhoodan Pochampalli is in the process of being renovated with Revanpalli, Jalalpura and Mukthapuram Panchayat.

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