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Eluru, June 25, (
Last year, Kharif and Rabi seasons are not getting adequate weather conditions. The farmer will get the crops grown in the field before getting ready to greet the jaws. With preliminary caution, farmers who are planning to cultivate a high yield and earnings will have good results if they follow the instructions of the Agriculture Department. Important items for the sampling The farmers ready for the Kharif season will soon be ready to land at the bottom of the plant if the soil is deep in the field. Deeply spraying the fungus and bacteria that are hiding in the ground are harmful to the crops. Some enemy worms will die. In addition, the depth of the soil will increase water storage capacity. Weakness can also prevent the weed problem too.


Land tests are crucial: Land tests are useful to know what level of nutrients they have in the field of cultivation. The nutrients deprived of these tests may provide the land in the form of fertilizers. Good yields and revenue can be obtained. Farmers use some fertilizers beyond the need. Some other fertilizers are needed but do not dump them. These problems can be overcome by land tests. In order to maintain the nutrient balance in the land, farmers need to make clay fertilizers to ensure proper use of fertilizers. In short, the use of fertilizers is only possible through soil testing. Those who wish to conduct tests will be tested by the Agriculture Department. fertilizers are an increase in land and other physical properties. These microbes are widely developed and are good for crops. Jeans, pearls, turmeric, pulses, almonds ... all green pearl. You can not find them in the field and get in the ground. Paddy farmers get eight kilos of nitrogen per acre if the placenta comes in the coarse coconut pigeons like jaggery and jute. Farmers can reduce the cost of fertilizer. The transformation process is also crucial. Rice and oilseed are good after the rice.  All plants should have the same shape. In plants grown, plants should be identified and strained. As well as other crops. Differences in the peak drainage, and the changes in the nut color in the coating stage should be constantly observed. In the field, the area around the 5m of the ridge and the seeds should be collected from the inside field. Care should be taken to avoid the addition of other seeds from pea. Throw out the neighboring fields. After threshing, the grains and cotton are made without any substance except grain. Dry the seeds well. Drying seeds in the dry season is good. If it gets too hot, cracks in the seed and decrease bio-energy. Seeds should be stored in safe bags. Proper management of animal husbandry, water consumption and pest management should be taken in due time. Animal protection should be taken only to the extent necessary for observation of the allied worms and the insect mites. Farmers benefit from taking measures to reduce moisture in the crop stages.

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