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Lucknow, June 27, (
Narendra Modi, who fought for the Varanasi , became the prime minister to win the general elections. However, for the 2019 election, the name of 'hell gate' was chosen by Magar. Kabir Das decided to recall his Hindu Muslim unity message once again by filling the 2019 election from the Mahaparinirvana place.  Hindus and Muslims also visit the tombs. Born in Varanasi in 1399 AD, Kabir passed away at Maghar in 1518, 120 years later. Modi has already decided to celebrate his 620th birthday and 500th anniversary celebrations. As part of his tour, Modi will lay the foundation stone for the Kabir Research Institute. Even though Kabir, a fifteen century old believer, believed that he would go to hell if he died in Maghre, he was there in the final breath. "Whether Varanasi or Maghar is my only one. In my mind is Ramu. If I am in Varanasi and get salvation, why is it that I have a chance to worship Lord Rama? "Asked Kabir Maghar. 


The argument of the scholars that proved that salvation can be achieved in the life span of life there and in Kashi. Kabir came to Maghre in 1515 along with his devotee Nawab Bijli Shah Pathan in 1518. He became the pilgrim to the followers of Mahagriya Maharaj Kabir. In this controversy, Muslims were led by Mahawar Nawab Bijli Shah, led by Raja Vir Ching Baghala, the ruler of Varanasi, for Hindus. There was a dispute between them. Kabir came from a physical comedy. No one could say that he would remove the garment that was covered over the part of the division. He removed the cloth and found two flowers in his body. They were surprised. One of the two Hindus and the other Muslims took the funeral procession according to their religious practices. That is why the mosque in the Muslim tradition here finds a tomb in the Hindu tradition. However, there is a strong reason for Maghar to call it a foothold. A few hundred years ago, this area was terrible with barren lands. The robbers robbed and slay those who were traveling on this route. So people were afraid to go that way. Such events have been described by scholars who have described the mahar as a "hell gate". Sant Kabir Nagar MP Sharad Tripathi, who responded to Modi's visit, said that the visit was a coincidence during the 500th anniversary of Kabir, and he also campaigned for the 'Sub ka Saath - Sub ka Vikas' slogan and now the prime minister is doing the same. The long-lived Margar region is now going to develop. Maghar is currently looking forward to the Prime Minister's visit.

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