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Tirumala, March 21, (
pollutant free buses in Tirumala. Andhrapradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu, always talking about the environment ... not in all the words and in the hands of ... While already planning in Amaravati, while in Thirumala, the first step towards the pollution of the Tirumala ... The buses of Thirumala Battery buses are going to be ... in the state along with Tirumala  two main cities planned to run this type of buses . However, these buses have been launched since the beginning of Saturdays. These buses have been launched from Saturdays since they are full of electric buses since April. First, the 31-seat electric bus will be operated without any charge for a month ... After the demand, The 40-seat buses are run in full buses Seating 32 people, along with the key to the sensor .. The bus driver was very safe. The sensors are alarmed to the risk of passengers sitting in front of the driver's seat, especially with a built-up alarm, Air balloons, WiFi and LED lights, including First Aid Box, LED TV and Fire Safety. 


The driver oversees the situation inside the bus through the camera cameras. Even though all of this is a high-end facility, no one of these devices will work, but the bus will not move forward. Due to the computer sensors, the driver attributes the reasons. The Goldstone Company, based in Hyderabad, has made low-cost, low-cost mileage of electric buses. Similar buses are already running in Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Uttarpradesh. This is the first time in our state in South India. The electric bus specializes in 300 km for a three-hour charge. There are no heavy engines. There is no gear box. Only the rear wheels have a cylinder designed motor. There are three buttons on the front of the driver's seat ... If you press the 'B' button, the bus moves forward. Press "En" to neutral. If you press 'Ar', the bus will go back. The brake and clutch work to control these three buttons. The use of these buses will reduce the intensity of pollution. The recharge station for electrical buses in Tirupati RTC Depot has been set up.

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