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Nellore, June 21, (
The spirit of politics has become rhetorical. The opposition party looks in the atmosphere and tension. The change in TDP has increased unity and the internal war in the goat family. The Atmakur politics  has changed in the form of a change in the party of former Minister, Anam Ramanarayana Reddy and the increase in communalism in the Telugu Desam. The party has changed ... the Atmakur has declared that he will contest from the Atmakur of the Udayagiri Former MLA, MP Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy's brother Mekapati Chandrashekhar Reddy has expressed his anger over the fact that party MPs Gopam Reddy had earlier said that he would contest from Sathurakulam without consulting the chief Jagan Mohan Reddy. 


Aniakur constituency has four zones in the constituency of the YCP chiefs and leaders seems to be in the Telugu language. On the other hand, the ministers Sumi Reddy, Narayana and District Chiefs Bidha Ravichandra are working as an ex-TDP. Former MLA Kommi Lakshmyaiah Naidu, Gutur Kannababu and Dhanuja Reddy are listening to the chairperson to give them the charge. Kommi Lakshmaiah Naidu is a good member of the Athmakur constituency .. He won the TDP for the second time independently and he has won and won again .. DCCB chairman Dhanuja Reddy  is a member of the Samyukkal group and is a member of the Rangarajan .. Another leader Kannababu is sympathetic to the community. The party is doing well for the TDP and the scandal in the VCP has a political debate, especially in the backyard of the family of the family. The differences in the kid's family have gone to the top of the VCP sources say that all the way for the jeans to be left out of the lost family and come in something that will come to the party Fire Cestunnaruedaimaina asantrupti Anam expressed serious followers of ukovada Mekapati YCP .. If the TDP YCP more damage than the opinion of political analysts..

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