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Hyderabad, June 20 (
The panchayat election has been a thrill. Political parties and expectations  the process of reservation of gram panchayats is no longer. After the start of the reservation process, the rural climate is warming up. On August 2, 2013, new governing councils were formed. The Election Commission considers the government to complete the deadline. The total number of voters together with SC, ST, BC and others across the state have been identified to 1.37 crore people so far. Nearly Rs. 125 crores will be required, according to which the relevant publications are given to the government. Panchayati Raj Minister announced that the reservation would be completed by 25th of this month. In this order, the authorities are engaged in the creation of reservation. As part of this, a special meeting was held in Hyderabad under the guidance of Panchayati Raj Department Commissioner with DP LPOs. Reservations and debates were discussed. There have been numerous mistakes in the crucial BCC calculation of reservations in newspapers in recent times.


 In this regard, information is mainly discussed in the meeting of amendments, changes and additions. The government announced plans to finalize reservation by 25th July and discussed with the officials of the districts on the urgent need to correct the errors in the electoral rolls. In this order there is a tension in the expectations of reservation. There is no doubt that there is no reservation for any village panchayat. People are waiting for the government announcement. Elections will be held in 12,734 gram panchayats across the state. In the month of July, the leaders of the respective parties are looking forward to the reservation for the positions they want to compete. Identity of the participants in the elections to be held in almost 1.25 lakh polling stations across the state has already been completed. Polling stations were selected in the gram panchayats. EOPRDs, MPDOs and Panchayat Secretaries have been conducting ceremonial examination in the respective zones. Polling stations will be set up for electoral terms to set up a polling station for each ward. According to the 2011 Census, reservation will be finalized. As per the SC / ST population, they are making reservation, while BCs consider the number of voters and make reservations. The SC, ST, BC reservation will be finalized. 50 percent of all categories will be allocated for women in all categories. According to the new Panchayati Raj Act, 34 per cent of BCE and 20.46 per cent for Scheduled Castes will be allotted. There is a possibility of reservation of 5.5 per cent of the ST population in the plains. This time, the post of vice versa is going to be crucial. With the power of the sub-sarcch to have the power of power, the leaders are now focusing on this position. Only sarcats have the power to sign on the check. This post has become a reputation as it has a checkpower for sarpunch under the new Panchayati Raj Act.

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