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Hyderabad,May 28,(
With the introduction of the number 239, there is a loss of other big media like Urdu and Web Media. According to the Zeo 239, it is an accreditation for a media. Telangana State Union Working Journalist's General Secretary Virahat Ali said that this would cause serious damage to the journalists working in the Rural Area. On Monday, the journalists of the journalists were held under the guidance of TUWJ. 


Thousands of journalists and district union presidents and leaders have come in large numbers from 31 districts of the state to the Gurgaon Sabha at RTC Kalyana Mandap in Baghampapally Hyderabad. Senior journalists SN Sinha, Devalapalli Amar, Srinivas Reddy, Amar Nath Reddy, Virat Ali, Shekhar, Telangana PCC President Uttam Kumar Reddy, Sampath, Pro Fischer Kodandaram, YCP President Presidents Srikant Reddy, other party leaders and Union Leaders participated. Virahat Ali said that in the joint state, there are difficulties and irregularities in Telangana in academies that are not present in the country. There is not only one accreditation in the state but health issues, home and home places are also a problem. When the issue of house and house is in the court, why is the CM KCR Warangal why he promised in Pragati Bhavan? If there were 19,000 accreditation in the state, 12,000 journalists were denied the cards.

The judges in the House made resolutions on the welfare of the welfare. From Mandal, district level journalists to print and electronic media journalists working in the state to all the houses demanded to allocate these places. The state government employees and all journalists in the state demanded free health care under the JHS Scheme. They demanded the issuance of health cards for each journalist without any accreditation. Demand for the deceased journalists demanded Rs. Demanding an increase of 3,000 rupees pension up to 5,000 rupees. Journalists have demanded free education from KG to PG and demanding the government issuance of the government immediately after reading private schools. No pension will come after journalist retirement. In the state like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Punjab, the state also demanded pensions for journalists.

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