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Adilabad, May 8, (
The National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme is good for the laborers. The state government has issued special new job cards for the first time. Adilabad district has 1.50 lakhs job cards and 3.20 lakh members. The central government has sanctioned currently, the water reservoirs in the district, Vermicompost manufacturing and land development trenches are being implemented. After the employment guarantee scheme was launched in 2006, the then government issued job posters. The number of laborers is increasing day by day since the governments have been treating this scheme with a tremendous amount of money. No new job cards were issued but the number increased. Now the state government has issued new job cards after 11 years. The government provides job postcards with full technical details. Job cards are also offered to older people as well as new employees. The quirk is printed on them. The laborers are also greeted with the new job cards. The card contains a job card number including Aadhaar number, Potato, Coal Payment Account Number, bank account and Postal branch account number. How many people work from a family but only one card is given to everyone. When the labels scan the cards to load the EGS on their cell phones, how many hours worked, including how much work is available, along with their personal details. Aadhaar number was linked to the job card. 


Some staff was subject to many irregularities in the project guarantee scheme. Hawking for someone else, working hours and lesser registration. Thus, the EGS staff came out during social inspections. It was fine. Rural Development Department officials said that such cases could be put in place by new job cards. Dravida Rajeswar Rathod said that printing a quad on the job card could not be avoided due to the printing of quality city. The government appropriately applied to the laborers for the job card. As part of this, the job card has been made online. Apply online for a new job card is provided within a week. Thus the wage earned a faster card with time savings. Central and state governments have been constantly making changes to the employment guarantee scheme from time to time. The resources available and the utilization of the technologies are facilitated by laborers and farmers. The government has made a lot of services online in the Employee Guarantee Scheme and has recently introduced a job card application to apply on the Internet along with your services. Earlier, the job card had to apply to the officers first and wait for the officials. The government has ordered the relevant officials to apply their cards and remove all the sanctions. As soon as the online application is present, officers will be entitled to inquire into the field level. After applying these applications to the DRDO, the job cards will be issued by the Mee Seva Center.

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