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Khammam, May 8, (
The Telangana government is moving towards strengthening Gurukula education. There is a wide range of attributes for SC, ST, BC and minority children. There is more than twice the number of facilities available in private and corporate schools. There are 73 schools belonging to all categories of children in Khammam District. Quality meals New government buildings, mineral water, clothing and other facilities are offered free of cost. From the fifth grade to the degree of free education, it is also offered in the English medium. Sometimes a lack of facilities continues to exist. There is not much change in the menu. But after the TRS Government, students and their parents are clear that the Gurukkal schools have changed. There is no doubt that there is a need for playing games and a spacious playfield that is just owned by government schools. There are a total of 73 schools in the Khammam district of Jharkhand, with regard to CS, ST, BC and Minority Departments. Of these, there are 23 SCG schools, 13 minority, 25 ST and 12 BC Grade schools. In the joint Khammam district, social welfare, BC, and Minority Colleges should apply online for interchange. Applications are received from April 28. You have to apply online at by paying Rs.10000 on 7th of this month. Seat allotment will be based on the marks obtained on the entrance examination on 28th of this month. There are 320 seats for boys, 720 seats for girls. The boys include 160 seats in the MPC, 160 in the BPP, 160 in the MPC, 80 in the BIPP, 280 in the MEC and 80 in the CEC. 


In the Gurukulam schools in the Khammam District, invite applications from students to fill the backlog fields vacant from 6th to 9th class. Students are required to apply online at by 15th of this month. In the 6th class of the 6th class in Khammam district, there are 12 spaces, 8th in the 8th class, for the girls 6th in the 28th, 28th in the 7th, 8th in the 11th and 9th in the 5 vacancies. In Bhadrachri, the boys are in the 6th class of 6th in the 23rd, 7th in 4th, 11th in the 9th, 9th in the 6th grade for the 24th in the 7th, 6th in the 8th, 11th in the 9th, the 9th. These will be replaced by reservation proposals. SC / ST students in Zila should take advantage of this opportunity. Telangana social welfare school should apply online for admission to the school. Applications should be submitted for inter-intensive courses for the year 2018-19. Students will be selected by the entrance examination on 28th of this month. Backlog fields that are vacant from 6 to 9th are also replaced. They have to apply online by about 15. These seats will be replaced by reservation. Applicants must first apply for the first year entrance exams on 9th of this month. Only 40 percent marks in Intermediate will have to apply for the first year. The girls are invited to the first year entry for girls and boys degree colleges in New District. BA, Bachelor, BSc, semester English medium courses will be held. Only those students who have at least 40 percent marks in the intermediate are eligible. Applications should be submitted online at by this month.

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