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Mahabubnagar, May 11, (
The government is trying to convert Telangana into Magani. In this sequence every season is trying to get irrigated from irrigation water. There is also an increase in cultivation throughout the state. Sarkar Target is the best way to get rid of every district in agriculture. The conservation of water resources in all districts prioritizes this goal. Water projects are being constructed. Steps are being taken to speed up the construction of the schemes and to prevent the elimination of water shortage. Four projects are in the construction phase of the Mahabubnagar district, which is the result of government initiative. In addition, the sneezing lift scheme was started in the past month. If these projects are completed, the government will have a shortage of irrigation and farmers will have considerable benefits, the official said. That is why they are quick to complete these steps. Officials say these schemes are available and they are expected to provide 8.95 lakh acres of water in Rabi.


Officials have already decided to provide water for 2 lakh acres of land for 3.65 lakh acres of land through the Kalwakurthy lift. He said he would like to provide water for irrigation to 2 lakh acres and 55 thousand acres of land through Koyilassar. On the other hand, the RDS project is being planted in Ayyakannu and to provide 55,000 acres of irrigation water to take up the tunnel's lubrication scheme. The scheme is expected to be completed by June end. Local farmers have been criticized for some delay in punching works. The officials took steps to speed up the work. With the advent of continuous electricity, the farmers have increased water consumption. On the other hand, the underground water bodies are coming to hell. Experts suggest that you do not waste your time using this situation and wasting water. The weather department clarifies that the rainfall is high. All this needs to be prepared and ready to follow the rainwater harvesting. It is clear that people share in this topic.

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