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Srikakulam, May 11, (
Andhra Pradesh Sarkar is giving the priority for the development of villages.But many villages in the state are in troubles.Vaba tribal hamlet in Srikakulam Seethampeta area is also in the same situation.Numerous problems are localized locally. People are so infuriated. The bottle is presently present in drinking water. Two bores for the two bores in the village are used to drink only one bor of water. This summer the water is completely reduced. Another bowl is used only for use with aroma. This caused drinking water problem. If the water is not drained, both the parallels are going to get to the well. On the other hand, the tribals have expressed their disillusionment that the water pump does not come from the pipeline.


There are only 18 families in Vaba. The families are saying that there are only three houses available for the government, where there is less house. It is not granted to the rest of the people who say they are in the habit of constructing it. In addition, there are no CC Roads and drainages in the village. Hence the locals' difficulties are characteristic. Everything says that it is going to be desperate to get wet through time. The basic school is about 25 years old. 10 students are studying in this school. In the rainy season the school is getting worse. People have already taken the attention of the authorities to this. The toilets did not come yet. Many times that the authorities have been told about these issues, they say without any result. However, the authorities have urged to take immediate steps towards resolving their region's problems. The community needs a community hall for the tribals. Subsidy to offer loans.

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