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Nellore, May 29 (
The goal of the government is to bring the play grounds across the district. It is thought that it will be possible to provide physical health to people who are available for playgrounds in each zone and in major panchayats. Accordingly, the development of the grounds in the public schools across the district, the idea that the villages in the vicinity of the villages should be utilized. It has decided to spend Rs 6.57 crore. The total expenditure will be available to around 200 sports grounds across the district, officials said.During the granting of the tasks were handed over. Offering 200 sports plains across the district, 104 of the commodities have been started by the authorities. Years have been done. Planning of the sports grounds with the funds under the Employment Guarantee Scheme .. Plants to plant around it can be made possible by constructing the wall walls. Pony, are 200 jobs permitted? That is not. 104 of the commencement of works are still incomplete. The total number of work permits in the district has been reduced to only three. There are 101 stadiums in various stages of work.


Apart from this, the Nellore Pond has proposed to develop infrastructure for water sports at a cost of Rs 2 crore. The work has not yet begun. The indoor stadium construction work has not yet begun as promised by CM. Kavali, Venkatagiri, Udayagiri and Wadiavarore proposed to set up sports development centers. Their tasks have not yet begun. Even if it is proposed to set up sports centers in Athuruguru, Nellore (Rural), Muthukur, Sullurpet and Gudur, the tender will not move beyond the stage.

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