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Eluru May 31 (
Dr katamneni Bhaskar ordered the educational department officials to distribute the books and uniforms taking it as challenge to each student within the june 12th. Collector Dr katamneni Bhaskar reviewd on the educational department development works on thursday at collectorate office. Speaking on the occasion, he said that the district has 17 lakh textbooks and so only about 50,000 textbooks were printed. Bhaskar was angry. The school students in the district need to print any of the subjects in any of the books that are supposed to be printed, and the books that are up to date. The Collector was angry with the CEO of attempting to skip the details of the reciprocal answers that the collector wanted. The Collector said that only about 50,000 books have been available so far and 15 lakh 50,000 books will be available to the students at all times. At least Eluru and Bhimavaram areas have not yet reached the uniform cloth, but questioned whether they would be available to the students. Schools will resume on June 12th, but on June 11th, the district will be provided with 100,000 textbooks and uniforms in each district. Bhaskar has ordered. The collector said that the government would have to make a written request to the negligent authorities that they would not tolerate any irregularities in the implementation of a rural job if the government provides facilities for the students. In spite of the past experiences, the authorities should take special care to ensure that the children will be given special attention by June 11, even if the textbooks are supplied at full-length but lack of access to children due to negligence of the authorities. Similarly, one day before the schools resume, teachers and personnel attend the office and look for the basic infrastructure for the students. Toilets, drinking water, lights and fans. The school classrooms should be cleaned up and look for the perfect environment for students coming. 


Learning the same subjects to educate the students who come from different subjects to come back from school restart for students coming from C and D grades. One hour before the start of the school every day, one hour in addition to the backward students, the teachers of these subjects should be educated and equipped with the rest of the students equally in education. The collector told the students that they do not have the quality of education without providing quality education and checking the grade of any grade if he does not endure the inspection by asking students. Officials should supervise every day and attend the school and do not teach the teachers properly. He said that he would not ignore the neglected teachers in taking lessons and taking care of the students. Home guards are taking care of inexpensive salaries from morning to evening taking care of the teachers who are sitting in the rooms under the fannins and taking lessons for the children, The collector said that academics, teachers and government employees should pay special attention to biometric attendance so that the government employees will now pay salaries for biometric attendance. The collector also said that hostel bills will be paid on children's biomedical attendance in hostels. The children in the district are identified in the middle of the school and each child has a good time to collect details. The collector should take care to identify the children who have not been able to go to schools without having to go to school and talk to their parents and take them back to school. Bhaskar said. DEO C. Renuka, Deputy CEO Uday Bhaskar, DJ. Suresh, a graduate engineer Es. Malleswara Rao, YENOs and others participated.

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