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Krishna,May 31,(
The criticisms that the water project has become a figment of polygamy in the Krishna district is in the Nuzivadi area. Locals claim that many acres are looting millions of rupees of the name of the welfare scheme. Disappointment that the authorities are not aware of these irregularities. Officials comment on the apathy of the Akkarias with apathy. Going into the details, the Nuzividu Annavaram Panchayat is openly exposed to mud business. The locals say that some of the soil is being excavated when the needs of the people are abandoned and ignited by the water bodies. The local mafia has been criticized for not relying on the revenue officers recovered by the mafia. Without the supervision of the officers, the cotton bursts are under the influence of Rupees.


The Panchayat Range has a new pond, Upalakta, Kavandi Pond, Kannankulam Pond and Papuna ponds. Already in the Kavadi pond, under the water tree scheme, various tasks have been taken up. Construction work has begun under the water tree scheme for 20 days in a new pond loop. Newly started the excavation of the Kannanangunta pond along the main road of Nuzhividu - Visnapeta. Initially the clay that was buried by the scheme started to develop the cemeteries in the village. Locals claim that hundreds of trips to the brick industry in the grammar area, with the help of Prokelin, have been put on for the next few days. Thousands of trips are stored at each barby. It is also said that the mango is being transferred to a private college in Annamavaram suburb Venkatadripuram. People are scared of the revenue and irrigation authorities that do not focus on this happening. The water-tree program is in favor of some coconut farmers who want to check the cottage business.

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