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Chittoor April 19 (
 Nallari Kishore Kumar Reddy is rulling  TDP  west of the district. His priority in the ruling party is increasing day by day. The latest state-level nomination has been given power. This is not to say that West Bengal, especially for the past twenty years, has been in the Peleru constituency. In the Peleru constituency, politically, the two main categories of frustration, and the formation of the caste, now undoubtedly strengthen the ruling party. The Telugu Desam Party has not won here in the assembly elections for twenty years. Leadership losses resulted in defeat in four consecutive elections. This is why the despair is in the ranks.


 His brother Kishore Kumar Reddy came to live politics during the last election in a difficult situation in the same constituency for about 30 years in the constituency and led by former Chief Minister Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy. Kishore lost valuable service to both the constituency. At the end of last yHis ear Kishore joined the TDP and two of the strongest constituencies  came together. The political equations have become unexpected. The time allotted by TDP chief Chandrababu to Kishore  to be included in the party, has given preference to politicians across the state. Anchor, who felt that his party would get appropriate respect for the party, moved to Vijayawada in large numbers when he joined the party. Strong leadership or tedious TDP ranks keenly welcome Kishore. The old and new series of TDP is unmistakable as he became the chairman of the IDC in a short time. At the first time in the office of the Chairman of the IDC, the party ranks greatly welcomed at Renigunta airport Saturday. When he joined the party, as the newly-elected Chairman of Iddis was in the district, the district leaders from the district to the level of the leaders of Nagariipalle climbed. These are all in the district TDP.
The main reason for Kishore's importance is to strengthen the party in Rajpetta parliamentary constituency. In the west, we have a strong leadership of the weak TDP and the idea that the Peddi Reddy family will be dominated. Pendireddy Ramachandra Reddy, who represents Pungnuaru now, has a stronger category in Peleru, Madanapalli and Tambalapalle constituencies. His son Mithunreddy was Rajampeta MP. The nallari family has a substantial influence in the modular and slim zone since early.
Madanapalli and Thambalapalle are the followers. With some power now, Pisharreddy in Punganoor and Mithunreddy in Rajampeta and Kishore are likely to be aggressive to win TDP in their respective positions. He is changing the style of fashion compared to the past and he is approaching the sequences. How much TDP and the government can take advantage of the opportunity to wait for the success of Peddireddy's family in the west.

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