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Tirupati, April 19, (
Tension in shettipally village. TDP leaders are continuing to quell against the Janasena leader Pawan Kalyan and the latest news is that Pawan Kalyan has decided to visit Tirupati on the other issue but the TDP leaders have been criticizing Pawan for it. government Focus on the administrative issue without giving the opportunity to Pawan ... What is the issue of Shettipally people near Tirupati. On 23th of this month, Pawan came to know that he would go to Shettipally to see justice. on the other hand, Tirupati TDP leaders are on fire on the visit of Pawan Kalyan ... Vapan Shettypalli is in front of a tour of the country ... Sheetipalai people to solve the problems of the Telugu state government..And the MLA and other leaders are the officials are ready for Vappan ... nya The government thinks that it will create suitable land for the development of the financial city and build land for 150 acres of land through landslides and give 45 per cent land to the needs of the public. Just two Unnaveyyi available space for each 50 square yards of people to give up ...

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On the 23rd of this month, Pawan's visit to Shettipally near Tirupati is likely to create more heat between TDP Janasena.


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