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Hyderabad, April 23, (
TRS plenary went to rural Telangana. Farmers, caste occupations, rural masses and welfare schemes. TRS for the 2019 election gave a clear message to the Plenary Party ranks to conclude that these are political weapons. Prior to the formation of Telangana, any party meeting was a high priority for Hyderabad, as well as an international city. This is entirely rural without the waking the plenary was in Telangana only. The strategy for establishing farmers' unions as Dwarka communities have been the strategy of making a strong vote bank for the TRS in the elections to be precise. Castes, Occupations, Religions Almost everyone in the villages will have some land or live on the ground. Whether it is a farmer who is farming, a farm based on agriculture can be an alliance with agriculture. Some women in the village are included in the Dwarka community. But in the farmer community, there is an opportunity to reach one of every family. While the formation of farmer committees under the government, naturally favoring the ruling party there will be a possibility of leadership. Naturally, these farmer communities are likely to be used for the ruling party after the farmers are freely distributed fertilizers and irrigated crops. 


Opposition leaders tried to lay the foundation on the issue of farmers when the new farmers' suicide took place in Telangana. TRS has strategically brought up farmers to turn the farmers into a strong voting bank. As explained by the TRS Government's plans to change the financial positions of rural areas, the KCR plenary will help. Providing horses to the Goris growers. In Hyderabad, 25 thousand modern hairdressers will be set up in rural areas where rural areas are available. Modern Washing machines are offered to washerman. Almost every caste worker has designed a plan to provide some assistance. This will strengthen the rural economy, the Chief Minister said. So far, the TRS plenaries have always made the decision to look at the rural areas as never before. The KCR lecture was mainly about farmers. Raithe Raju said that the king would be in practice. The first resolution was also done on agriculture. In the villages, farmers have been in trouble when the crops were cut. At the Prime Minister's meeting in Delhi, the matter will be brought to the attention of the Prime Minister of the KCR. A decision was taken to link agriculture to the employment guarantee scheme. This gives employment to the laborers and the farmers are available for farmers at the time of harvesting crops. The TRS leadership hopes that the center will respond positively.

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