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Bangalore, April 21, (
In Kannada, politics and politics are mixed. There is a national party but a regional party should give tickets to the caste. There are three castes in the lead. In fact, Karnataka Legislative Elections have become a power struggle between three dominant castes. SCs and Muslims are the second most populous in Karnataka. Three to four, five linguists, females, and tusks. Whether parties, these three castes do politics. Only one in Kannada voters is 8 per cent. Bangalore is the dominant city in the city of Bangalore. The film industry is also in their hands. Former prime minister Deve Gowda has become an unfailing leader for the aftermath of S.M.Krishna. However, his son, Janata Dal Secular President Kumaraswamy, Kurubaneta Siddaramaiah went to the Congress from JDS. Later he became chief minister. He also focused on other social groups that are not strong enough. Everything is left out. These developments are a threat to their social strata. Now it looks like JDS


The third largest social group in the state is Lingayat's 9.8 percent. Other subcultures combined with 17 percent. Lingayat is spread across the state. In 100 constituencies, the winners will be decided. The biggest leader is Yeddyurappa. He is in the BJP. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has proposed to identify themselves as a separate religion to attract the largest vote banking gender in the BJP. Approved in the Cabinet and sent to the Central Government Ministry. So far, the BJP has become a strong voting bank for the BJP. In the state, the SCs constitute 18 percent. The next is the Muslims. The highest number of SCs in the state, the majority of Muslims on the west coast, are likely to support Congress or JDS. The Chief Minister Siddaramaiah social group is about 43 lakh. It is 7.1 percent of the state's population. The Chief Minister of Karnataka is one of the only social or social groups. There is no Chance to come to others.

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