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Kurnool, April 21, (
Summer is growing intensively. There are many problems in Telugu states with this effect. There is also a shortage of fodder in these troubles. The availability of fodder in Kurnool district mainly deteriorates today. Thus the patrons are unable to earn cattle. They are moving to the slaughterhouse as a whole is a livestock load. The main crops of fodder are paddy, groundnut and sorghum rains. Fertilizer shortages are bad in the district. Feeding of cattle to other areas. Rice grass was used for fodder when farmers were cutting the rice crops. However, in recent years, farmers have been cutting paddy with machines. As a result, this grass is not suitable for animal feed. The increase in trade crops in the district has also raised the issue. Slaughterhouse farmers are worried about the shortage of fodder scarcity in the cultivation of groundnut and sorghum crops. The government is saying that it is not being fully implemented unless the government encourages grass growth to prevent shortages of fodder.


The district's farmers are increasingly approaching vegetable cultivation in the summer. They are cultivating vegetables to overcome financial difficulties. Grassy cultivation is not widely adopted. This also increases the fodder scarcity throughout the district. The officials of the department have decided to set up fodder zones in 20 thousand hectares in the district. These fisheries farmers were considered to be entrusted with the responsibility of farmers. However, the grassy farming has not begun, as the officers are apathetic to the selection process of fodder sectors. The government is spending large sums of money for the farming sector in each village but it is not implemented. Farmers allege that there is no indication of full-scale fodder farming in the district. That is why this year there is a serious shortage of villages for cattle. Farmers have been told that they are unable to feed the cattle and move them to slaughterhouses. Still, the relevant authority has urged to take strong measures to prevent fodder scarcity and urgently implement government plans. In order to check the current issue, temporary allocation of fridge centers in all villages is requested to be freely distributed.

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