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Tirupati, April 13, (
The special status of AP has become a life-threatening problem. The TDP has decided to further increase the combat agenda for implementation of the guarantees given by the central government, including special status and special status, to go into the field and motivate people. Without giving you the status of the center for four years, you have a dull hand without fulfilling partition guarantees. Once again, the state government has also adopted a tendency to take on the package once again, once again. But the relations between the BJP and TDP and the last budget are allocated to the state. Chandrababu's attitude has changed. On December 30 this year, a large public assembly will be held in Tirupati. Narendra Modi, who came to campaign as prime minister four years ago, assured many of Andhra Pradesh in a House held in Tirupati on April 30. He said that if we come to power, we will have full cooperation with Andhra Pradesh to build the capital beyond Delhi. The TDP's open public meeting will be held on April 30 in Tirupati to explain how the central government has been unfair to the state without reminding them of the assurances given at the time. 


Going to Delhi, pressing the National Media, how to describe videos and documents and give a shock to Modi, Go and see Chandrababu so ... Many decisions were taken at the meeting of the TDP Strategy Committee on Monday, headed by Chief Minister Chandrababu. Started in Tirupati, each month decided to hold huge houses in each district. Apart from this, a wide range of all-party meetings will be held in each district. Party sources said that all groups were invited to explain the injustice done by the Center. Besides, every occasion has to be used in the fight against the center. Ambedkar Jayanti will be celebrated on the 14th of this month. Christian minority has decided to hold a huge public meeting. The Chief Minister has suggested that bicycle tours should be done by constituencies to take a more widespread public outreach. The Strategy Committee discussed the future action in the backdrop of the return of party MPs to the constituencies of the Parliament and outside the constituencies in Delhi. The proposal to hold a bus trip with MPs was also discussed. They decided to be set up Anna canteen soon, deciding on the unemployment policy and deciding to come into force immediately.

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