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Tirupati, April 13, (
Chandrababu is changing like another Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy  ... saying that social media is giving settairs . Four years ago,  Naira Kiran Kumar Reddy was the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, a separate state movement in Telangana  Samaikyandra movement in Andhra Pradesh was pre occupied. Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy knows all  the signs that the state breaks down. However, the Nallari state has been divided until late. After the division of the state, Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy poured on the Congress. Chandrababu and Modi allied the state and said that they will now be given special status and the AP will be developed into full .


 But when the BJP came to power in the TDP, the center did not take much attention to AP development. Everybody knew when the Prime Minister Modi came and laid the foundation stone of the capital structure. Even though Chandrababu spent four years together. Modi appreciated Vision. When Tira polls came  , Modi had handed  and Chandra Babu was trying to take a special step. In the meantime, the Congress is not leaving ... the Samaikyandhra Party was formed. Nallarai village throught went and populared the division of the state, and the Congress leaders split the state into some conspiracy. But the people did not believe the good words. His party candidates did not get deposits in the last election. Except for a single pearl, his party does not seem to wander. Now AP CM Chandrababu is silent for four years ... the question of how all the parties and strikes are from the public. There is no criticism of Chandrababu's reflection on the construction of the capital, without focusing on Visakhapatnam railway and Kadapa steel plant. If the experience of Chandrababu AP is improved, farmers are also avoiding the construction of the capital in the voluntary land. Chandra Babu's response to this is unacceptable. Even today the big crowd came to the nallari councils. But he did not press on the party mark. Will Chandrababu still have a nasty condition tomorrow? The suspicion of that party was not even in the party leaders.

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