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Singapore, April 13, (
AP CM Chandrababu said the lack of capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh was a major crisis. He spoke at the Hindustan Times Mint Asia Leadership Summit in Singapore. But the crisis is going to change. He said that land acquisition was a big challenge for the construction of the capital. For more than two decades, I have been looking at Singapore and they have been able to move forward very fast, the newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh, the growing state, the four-year-old child, the most vulnerable child and the lack of capital is a major crisis for the state. He said that he had the experience of building a city like Cyberabad and he would build a Singapore-style capital with that experience. We have set up a good eco system for the new capital. The big challenge to the new capital is the big challenge and the land is no longer available anywhere in the government, and I have made a mark on how to get the land, and we do not have enough money to get such a land. I have come to think of one thing and listened to my call and the current farmers responded, they believed me, and I told them the same thing. 


Chandrababu said that I was confident that I would build a Singapore-style city, they believed that the land was distributed to 33,000 acres of land. As soon as I came into action, I initially requested the Singapore government to create a bigger plan for the construction of the capital. They immediately discussed at their ministerial meeting and expressed their willingness in the week, only when they responded to the Cabinet decision. They said that they had prepared a master plan for our capital in the shortest period of 6 months. After that, we have built infrastructure in the capital area, and we are completing a wide array of roads, groundwater system, sewerage system, flood control system etc. We are designing the best consultants in the world and making our capital plans and designs. Earlier Hindustan Times editor R Sukumar introduced the Chief Minister Chandrababu to the meeting. Sukumar described Chandrababu as the chief minister who introduced modern technology and ruled the reformist.

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