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Bangalore, April 16, (
In the Karnataka elections, the BJP is struggling to face day by day. On the one hand Tamils, on the other hand Telugu will be damaging the fear of the party. There are a large number of Telugu voters in Karnataka. It is said that in nearly 60 constituencies, wins will be affected. AP Sub-Minister KE Krishnamurthy has called on the Telugu voters not to vote for the BJP as it has betrayed the BJP to give special status to Andhra Pradesh. Telangana Chief Minister KCR has called for a vote in front of the JDS. Apart from the Telugu voters, the ruling parties in AP and Telangana are trying to reach the BJP. The elections in Karnataka will be held next month. Here the BJP and Congress are fighting for seriously. Many surveys have suggested that the Janata Dal's influence may also be less likely to win with fewer votes. 


In the wake of this, the impact of other states' voters will be reflected in Kannada elections. There is also a Cauvery Board controversy in Tamil Nadu. The Tamil people are scrambling about the notification of the Cauvery board of the Supreme Court. Recently, he tried to cauvery their protest in front of the Prime Minister, Modi. Tamil MPs who have been suspended by Parliament till the very day have now become agitated in the state. The support of all sections of the film industry was found to be the creation of the Cauvery Board. In Tamil Nadu, there are about 30 constituencies in Karnataka. They also do not have the chance to vote for the BJP. This is the Tamil tabla... The worry that the younger siblings get away from the BJP are clearly visible in the BJP leaders. But the BJP attempts to promote Telugu and Tamil leaders.

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