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Vijayawada, Hyderabad, April 16, (
Two moons in Telugu states are not moving forward in favor of the third front all over the country. If all of the parties come against the center of the palm ... it is doubtful to be attached to them. KCR and other Opposites are suspicious of the KCR style. Thus, the argument that the Telangana CM's claim to be against the BJP and the Congress is reasonable, but loyalty is deteriorating. The doubts are that his efforts are going to benefit the BJP. The tapping of the voice in support of Babu .. The situation on the palm appears to be very low. TDP infidelity against the central government has helped almost all political parties to come together. The main parties, including the Congress and the Left, supported it. It's morally insured to TDP. Chandrababu Naidu then went to Delhi and tried to get all the parties together to express their nakedness. No one can assure us that he will fight against the TDP agenda unless it is sanctioned. The fact that there is no love for TDP except the BJP against the BJP and the lack of faith on the grounds of disbelief has turned out to be the worst. Babu was disheartened at the Delhi trip. National leaders were more important to him as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh when he was a strong state. There is no doubt that the prospects now seem to be clear to the AP CM. At least some of the interviews given to the National Media have not been broadcasted. And last time, there is still a difference. Political observers say that Chandrababu Naidu has repeatedly stated that he has no interest in national politics. Mamata Banerjee is the only leader in the current politics who has met with KCR. She also concluded that the front of the Congress is not possible. In total, suspicion and insult are running on both the moons. The fact that KCR is the undisputed leader in Telangana is based on the current situation. However, the TRS does not have a certificate of winning the party.


The party's structural disadvantages and the dissatisfaction with the local public figures, the social mobilization of the rival Congress is seen as a negative to the TRS. To get out of these conditions, KCR is planning to make the image of a party that will be nationally prominent in the TRS. The new slogan has come to the federal front with regional parties as an alternative to the BJP and the Congress. KCR, who has shown some positive attitude towards the BJP, has been politically disagreeable about changing the voice. Now the Congress party is strengthening nationwide. The BJP initiated an attempt to block the BJP in 2019, including new forces and regional parties. Rahul's mention is that he can defeat Modi when all the parties come together. However, the criticisms of the efforts of the Federal Front will contribute to preventing Non-BJP parties from coming together. The Congress party is trying hard to retain power in Siddaramaiah's leadership in Karnataka. The BJP is eager to see 2019 by taking power in Karnataka, which is considered to be the southernmost gateway. The two parties are scrambling over the limits and political affairs. There are a significant number of Telugu voters in the population. There is some dissatisfaction with the BJP in the Telugu voters for not giving special status to Andhra Pradesh. It can cause difficulties to the party. The Congress can be adapted. Former Prime Minister Deve Gowda was the first to be called the Federal Front. But he did not remember till yesterday, KCR suddenly landed on Kannada land and pulled him into his front. Will not some chance come nationally? The expecting Deve Gowda Telangana CM's words are mesmerizing. KCR assured me that he would campaign on behalf of JDS. Muslim population in North Karnataka is also high. KCR is fluent speaker in Telugu and Urdu. The Telangana CM will be utilizing the share of JDS in Telugu and minority votes without voting towards the Congress. The split of votes against the Congress against them will ultimately benefit the BJP.

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