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 Chennai, April 14, (
Rajinikanth, who is playing a superstar in Tamil Nadu, Kamal Haasan, who is known as the Universe actor, is keen on the Cauvery River dispute. Politically, the Uturn Fame, taken by these superiors, is completely wiped out. The two actors who have crossed the peaks of the film have hundreds of millions of fans across the country. However, they are now looking forward to a bigger area of ​​regionalism in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Kannadigas are falling on these two superheroes with a series of evolution. They are preparing for the movement against Kamal and Rajani, who are preparing for action to make them unfair. Fans warned that Kamal and Rajani would be banned in the state and now it is debatable. 


Moreover, political leaders are increasingly provoking fanatics. With this evolution, the two heroes are politically warned. How Karnataka is far from business and films. This is the situation. These two heroes are now making political debut. Kamal Haasan is already in the name of Makkal Nadi Madhyam and the party is doing its best to take his work to the village level. Similarly, Rajani, who is also known as Mandra, is clearly visible to the party. The two heroes are ready to step down and put their actors politically. However, both of these films are preferred in the background of elections in the state. He has already stated that he is ready to take the films. Now, Rajani is preparing to break silver screen with the film 2.0. Even though it's all good, their feet are politically difficult. They also have big business in the Karnataka market. There are also fiery fans there. However, the Tamil Nadu state is fighting against the Center for setting up the Cauvery River Water Board. It is believed that Tamil Nadu has been unfair in the allocation of Cauvery waters and that the damage is done by the board. However, movements in Karnataka are on the same issue. If the Cauvery Water Board is set up, the people here are causing damage to the people. Rajini and Kamal Haasan, who made their debut in Tamil Nadu, have the importance of Tamil people. The effect on the Nadigar Sangam is serious if any problem arises. The actors have responded. The new Nadir Sangam has also been silent on this order. At the same time, Rajni aggravate and IPS matches now? "He said. That is, he did not say that the formation of the Kaveri board is urgent.

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