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Vijayawada, April 14, (
In the capital of Vijayawada, the lack of cash has started again.It may be the capital city or district or mandal centre's..  Everywhere same situation.  No cash Boards have been set up in certain banks not to be able to cope with pressure from clients and not pay cash. "No cash. Can be cooperated with the customers. 'The ATM service boards are being halted in some ATM centers. Some ATM centers  are OUT OF SERVICE  . In some cases, bankers are liable to arguments with clients. "We are worried about our money. We have to pay Rs 25 lakhs in their bank ATMs if they have to resort to cash or other bank ATMs." In the absence of money in ATMs in many parts of the country, people have been forced to fly in all areas because they do not have money in some ATMs. In fact, these difficulties are not new.


 People have been looking for hell for nearly a month since cash and shutters have been shut down in many ATMs. There is a shortage of cash in banks too. Compared to the situation before the cancellation of big banknotes, there is no cash availability beyond 20, 30 percent now. In addition, the cash reserve of the Reserve Bank has not been withdrawn for three months. Recently, the FRDI bill has been torn apart. Deposits in banks are being withdrawn to a large extent. Customers who are withdrawing deposits from each branch do not renew that money again. In the event of farming season, merchants drew large amounts of money to farmers in order to pay for farmers. Not only now, but the number of depositors in banks except for annuities is significantly reduced. All of these, the cash balance in banks has been reduced since the monthly pensions are paying off. 4 lakhs per day does not work for the merchant. There are no more than one lakh outlets to the bank to pay the money. Even if they pay a lakh, they are giving 10, 20 notes. The merchants are worried that the calculation of them has become a work. All public sector banks in Nirmal district do not pay Rs 40,000 per account. No cash surveys are available at many ATMs. The check in the bank is drawn to many brands now that they have no cash. What is going to do with what is to be done. Whatever the ATMs are going to become 'No Money' centers. Especially the Vijayawada towns, with the currency famine.

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