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Tirupati, April 17, (
The central and state governments have stepped up their efforts to realize the poverty line. The rulers have greatly declared that they will be granted the qualifications. The promise of fulfillment is permissible. Progress in the field of development The choice of beneficiaries has been delayed. Bills are not  passed timely to get construction work. You have to wait for days. That's why most of the foundations do not cross the stage. Do not let your house get back. Cancellation is done and new opportunities are available again.


54,010 NTR houses were sanctioned under the rural and urban schemes for the year 2016-19 in Chittoor district. Rs 1.50 lakh is given to each house. With the value of cement, the initial cost will be Rs 15,000, the second installment is Rs 25 thousand, the third installment is Rs 40,000 and the fourth installment is Rs 12,000 bills to the beneficiary accounts. Workers will pay for bricks for the rest of the Rs 58,000 employment scheme. There are various stages of construction of houses across the district. The bill has been sanctioned for 50 days. The bill did not pay for 50 days from February 12 to Tuesday. The relevant DE and EEs have been listed online for a bill to be paid to beneficiaries from Feb 12. The top officials will immediately take steps to grant bills. At present there are different conditions. According to official estimates by April 2, the amount of bills paid to the beneficiaries is Rs 34,07,61,940. This amount has been repaid by the payment of payments. The situation is unknown when the government does not pay them. The Home Ministry officials are falling behind the beneficiaries to complete the construction. Bills are not borrowed and the beneficiaries are doing the work. Depending on the bills, the loans are based. Now bills are asked to answer the bills online bill generates .. It is the answer but not clear.

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