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Kadapa, April 17, (
In addition to several municipalities in the Kadapa districts, it is also possible not to grant funds for the financial year in the local bodies. . The committee examined reports of sanctioning of district expenditure and municipal expenditure in Kadapa district in the month of March in the state of Andhra Pradesh. However, the authorities have been amazed by the inspection of the authorities to ensure that the authorities do not carry out the tasks in many areas. Rs.92 crores have been sanctioned for the development of procurator municipality under 2014-15. These funds are to be spent by 2015-16. But in just two years, only Rs 14.37 lakhs was spent. The remaining amount was deposited in savings. However, the Municipal Council has not been able to make this funding expenditure among the three leaders in this constituency. Last year, it was not in the hands of the two parties in the affairs of the new ruling party in the municipality. These funds were overwhelmed by the plans to take up the tasks, but with each other's complaints, Thus, the new ones did not come under the 12th Finance Plan and the people were forced to go to the government treasury. Around Rs.3.42 crore was sanctioned for the Sports Complex in the Pulivendula Municipality. 


Complex tasks in the municipality with these funds will be completed by 2017. But nothing has happened. This funding is expected to cost Rs 4.5 crores this year, according to a new report prepared by the government. In addition, these municipalities have been sanctioned about Rs 90 crores for domestic drinking water meters, roads and tail connections. These funds have been subjected to large-scale irregularities. This has come out of recent social inspections. Even though the 11th Finance Commission has not been able to spend the funds, the 12th Finance Commission has been proposing additional funds for the additional funds from these states, but the funding could not be granted, while the Badwas constituency is in contrast to the situation. The Social Inspection Committee has expressed serious objections to the fact that, under the water-tree, large funding for municipal development, the situation in the constituency does not lead to any sort of tasks.

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