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 Guntur, April 17 ( 
The government is building solid waste management centers in the Panchayat to earn income from the rural areas. We are receiving funds. But in the district, things are not going fast enough. Even though 521 centers have been sanctioned, only 40 have been completed so far and another 263 are under construction. In the allocation of the revenue department, the panchayats in the construction and the Dravida staff initiative, if there is no doubt that the goal of setting up the village gram is to be fulfilled. The road to the village is visible to the dunes and trashbacks. The state government has designed innovative programs to bring about a change in such unhealthy conditions. National Rural Employment Guarantee Fund was initially permitted to construct a waste management center based on a panchayat in each zone. After that, half of them decided to allow it to be set up in this financial year. 


The village has been sanctioned upto Rs 25 lakh for the construction of the center. The compost fertilizer is made by tapping the sheets with a sheet of rice and making some of the trash inside. The farmers will be assigned to their maintenance. The rest of the room is arranged. After completion of the construction, the management will take care of the panchayat. Fertilizer is made of manure, dried and sold separately. This will result in a solution to the worst problem in the village and earn money for Nirvana and Panchayat.
Complete 8 per cent: Rs 28.46 crore is sanctioned for construction of 521 centers in the district and Rs.3.6 crore under the wages of the district and the rest is spent on equipment. However, only 40 centers have been completed so far, not only in Amravati or in the city zones. All three have been sanctioned for the maximum number of nodal zones. There are a number of factors in the field of non-funding. Responsibilities for construction in the allotted space, Panchayat governorate cooperative or shed construction is not done, and the decision to set up centers in each Panchayat from this year. The Revenue Department did not show the initiative in recognizing government land and transfer to the Panchayat. District and Divisional Officers Employees can say that employees can benefit from revenue and panchayat secretaries, including employers.
Sheds and blue cotton on the quality of the cement tunnel. The joke was raised to the shed of the building built in Vinukonda Mandalam Brahmanapalli. Inside the cement brick built the nostrils. It has not yet come into use. The employee said that they were handed over to the panchayat. Most of the centers built in the first phase in the district are not allegations.

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