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Hyderabad, March 14, (
Vidya Balan in the character of basavatarakam.Balakrishna's hero Teja's director NTR Bio Pick is set to go on sets from the 29th of this month. Balakrishna, Sai Korrapati is producing the film under the banner of the film, with huge expectations and interest. There are estimates on the film, which is screened on NTR's life in the Telugu film industry and in the political field. Balakrishna is also reported to have appeared in 66 appearances in the film. NTR is a biopic in NTR, since childhood, age, acting career and political life are going to be in NTR bio pic. Balakrishna is playing the role of NTR in this film. Now, NTR's wife Basavatarakam seems to be looking at some heroines for the character. 


However, the survey was named after Bollywood heroine Vidya Balan's name. Vidya Balan already starred in Silk Smitha Bio Pick. There is no doubt in this bio picks that Vidya Balan shows his credibility. The heroine Vidya Balan who is capable of playing real life roles is so talented. The director Teja ... Vidya Balan name referring to Balakrishna to accept it ... Teja to go to Mumbai and ask Vidy Balan to join NTR's Wife Character .... The news is reported that the education balloon has responded positively. Whether Vidyan Balan will act under NTR's wife is likely to be known on March 29.

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