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Peru, March 14, (
The Alien in Egypt.Excavations at Peru found a strange creature with three fingers. The look of Egyptian mummy-like appearance in X-rays seems to be an alien. However, it is not yet clear whether it is from another planet or that it is one of the most extinct species on earth. While it is almost a year away from its ashes, the researchers are still discussing what the nature of the organism is. A fresh Russian scientist has confirmed that this is not a man, but an alien. 


Dr. Konstantin Koratkov, professor of computer sciences and biopsy in the St. Petersburg Federal University, said the argument was made. Egyptians are not original mummies, say aliens. Some paranormal researchers say there are evidence that there are aliens in the historic city of Peru. There is still research on this mummy called 'Maria'. However, if it is not an alien, it is also investigating whether there are three human felines on earth. An interesting documentary was also released.

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