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Vijayawada, March 8, (
Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishna said that since the break of the state, the economic situation in Nandigaram is relatively inexpensive and will come to face a more difficult situation after coming out of the center. He said that if the Center is giving funds to the state, it will fight. "I do not think that the Center will stop funding the Polavaramr project and the Yanamala," he said. If the general funding of the AP would be stopped, it would be a violation of the federal spirit and then warned the Center that the public struggles are wrong. He said that he would focus on tax collections in the near future focusing more on assembling more funds, saying that the center is not yet fully replaced by the revenue deficit. Despite the revenue deficit on budget proposals, it is trying to overcome the problem. Recalling the decision to step down from the Union Cabinet last night, he said that the decision to decide on the state's economic situation would take time. Minister of State for Finance Yanamala Ramakrishnan introduced the 2018-19 state budget with a total cost of Rs 1,91,063 crore. The government has taken over the welfare sector in the budget. The dividend has been reduced by dividing the state, claiming to have been troubled from the Center at the earliest. Caste-wise allocation of funds in Andhra Pradesh budget is of interest. While all development programs have been allocated for welfare programs for various development programs, it has also been allocated crores of rupees for caste corporations. The budget allocated by the caste-wise dividends is allocated by the budgets. In his Budget Speech by the Minister of Economic Development, for which caste is allocated Rs. 1,000 crores for Nai Brahmins, Rs 30 crores for the Visayas, Rs 70 crore for tuddy workers and Rs 30 crore for the welfare of the Medarulu... Through these corporations, Will these funds for the cost of the wedding is Chandranna marriage gift scheme hundred crores under the scheme... SCs, BCs have been assigned another hundred crores. A sum of Rs.100 crores has been allocated for the Kapu social group students. Another Rs 12,200 crore was allocated for the welfare of BC. In the Budget, Yanamala said that another Rs 4,477 crore was allocated for the backward classes. Allocations in the Budget for such departments are as follows.


Budget allocations:

Rs 886 crores to the judiciary

Rs 6226 crores for the home department

Tourism is Rs.290 crores

The CRDA is Rs 7761 crores

The agriculture sector is estimated at Rs 12,355 crores

Rural development is Rs 20,815 crores

The irrigation sector is estimated at Rs 16,078 crores

Industries and mines Rs 3074 crores

Transport costs Rs 4653 crores

Rs 24,185 crores  for education

Sports and youth Rs 1635 crores

Technical Education Rs818 crores

Rs. 8463 crores for medical services

Water requirement of Rs 2623 crores

Housing is Rs. 3679 crores

Urban Development Rs 7740 Crores

The welfare of Rs 13,720 crores

Rs 5052 crores for the fuel sector

Information and Public Relations Department at Rs. 224 crores

The labor force is Rs.900 crores

Social Security Rs 3029 crores

General Eco Survey Service Rs 4899 crores

200 crores for Chandranna wedding for SC and BC brides

BCS scholarships and fees reimbursement Rs 2160 crores

Rs.400 crores for Kapu students

Rs.750 crores for the Reception scheme ... 2.50 Lakh beneficiaries

Vaishya Welfare Rs 30 Crores

Rs 1,000 crore to Kapu corporation

Janatha garment scheme to start again, Rs 200 crore allocation

Distribution of yarn distribution to the weavers

Rs 72 crores for refineries and nets subsidy

Pensions for fishermen over 50 years old

Rs 20 crores for HJR welfare

Rs 40 crores for lid cap

70 crores for welfare workers' welfare

The art sector is Rs 94 crores

Farmer’s loan debt is Rs 4,100 crores

Mechanization of agriculture Rs.250 crores

Mega seed Park Rs.100 crores

Rs 357 crores for Agriculture University

Rs 42 crores for handloom workers

Chandranna's wedding is Rs 100 crore

Fee reimbursement for EBs Rs 700 crore

Rs 100 crores for MBCs

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