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Hyderabad,March 13,(
The government willing to act against the MLAs attacking Swamigud, Chairman of Telangana Legislative Council?Are you going to get rid of three or four Congress MLAs?Looks like that.The government took seriously the attack on Swami Goud.The government has come to the conclusion that such incidents should not be taken seriously to avoid recurrence.Congress leaders were concerned about the issue during the Governor's speech on Monday. The ruling party alleges that MK was targeted by the MLA Komatireddy Venkata Reddy's governor during the agitation.Congress leaders expressed concern over the Governor's speech during Monday.When the Congress leaders were concerned, the ruling party alleges that MLA Komatireddy Venkata Reddy's governor was targeted and Mike was thrown out.However, the mike's chairman, Swami Goud, was hit by his eye.He is being treated at Sarojini Devi eye hospital.The BAC meeting was held in this regard. The meeting also had a discussion on the incident.


However, the Congress leaders expressed regret over the attack on Swami Goud. However, Komatireddy Venkat Reddy said that he was injured in a police attack.When the Governor told all the lies, he accepted that it was true.Legislative affairs minister Harish Rao said that such incidents in the democracy are unfortunate.We have taken this attack seriously. Speaker will make a statement in the House tomorrow. TRS leaders are described as an abusive act of attacking the claim that they will give the opportunity to speak in the House. However, the government has taken serious steps to take action against three or four Congress MLAs. A TRS leader said that they are planning to disqualify them. Komatireddy Venkatareddy was one of them. Will disqualification? Will this budget summit be suspended? It is to be seen. The government has decided to take stringent steps to prevent such incidents once again. The CEPPN Jayantha Reddy said that their members were stunned. Janarreddy became serious about the TRS leaders' remarks that had come to the house.

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