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London, March 13, (
Kerala tourism is turning to London streets. Kerala tourism is particularly good for pedestrians and passengers in Central London. The 'bus branding' campaign brought by the Kerala Tourism Department is getting better. Five big double-decker buses ply on Central London streets promoting Kerala tourism. The 'Go Kerala' hashtag has been adorned with promotional campaigns on the buses for the tradition of the arts. The campaign on London buses will continue till the end of March. The tourism department official said the new turmeric policy was introduced as part of the new marketing strategy. The first part of the first attempt was to promote their tourism brand on red buses in London. Already this campaign has revealed that Kerala tourism has turned its eyes on the common people and passengers in London. Kerala lakes, houseboats, and kathakali scenes have been set up in the five buses to cover Kerala tourism. 


Also on the official website of kerala, along with the 'Go Kerala' hashtag, it is not new to promoting Kerala tourism in the United Kingdom. A few years ago, the Kerala tourism brand was promoted on the taxis. Kerala tourism brand in the London, Birmingham and Glasgow cities is a good success. Tourists coming to Kerala from overseas are the most popular of the UK. Over the last few years, more than 1.5 lakh tourists have come to Kerala from UK. Kerala Tourism has started campaigning in 2016-17 as well as in Central Asian countries. Kerala tourism is being promoted in cabins in Dubai. Kerala tourism boards were set up at airports in Saudi Arabia and Oman. Television is being promoted through BBC World, Al Jazeera channels. Kerala Tourism's efforts to attract foreign tourists not just rely on the tourists of the country are appreciated. Our Telugu states are also innovative and it is good to try to increase the number of foreign tourists.

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