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Kurnool,March 13,(
Akila Priya comments were made in the party and in Kurnool district.Ministers Kalva Srinivasulu and Adinarayana Reddy participated in the programs during the celebration of Bhuma Memorial.On this occasion, Minister Akhilapriya said that she was not crying even when my mother and father died, But some are looking to get rid of them, It is clear that it is not possible.The remarks made by Akilapriya came in the backdrop of the internal conflicts in the TDP in the Algadda and Nandyala constituencies.The closest relation to the Minister of Allaipriya's late Bhuma Nagi Reddy is Subba Reddy There are no Talking.Recently sobba reddy arranged a feast and tried to get TDP leaders into his category.


All the leaders were present at the feast when all the party told us not to attend the party.After the death of Bhooma, Subba Reddy sought ticket in the by-election.As long as Bhumaa Nagireddy was alive Nandyal, He was behind party workers in Allgadda.He take the all  party activities.But after the death of the Bhooma, the Akhilpriya was in the cabinet.Minister Akhilapriya himself, There is no allegation that he does not care about his category.The Panchayats have been repeated at many times in this background.There was news that none of the candidates had been absorbed during the election.The High Court also assured us that anyone would be assigned a post.That assurance has never been fulfilled.It is said that the differences between them have become so severe that they are at the time of general elections.His followers say no one can decide at any time.However, the all-in-one has decided to get rid of none.He did not stand up to them, so why are they asking for compromise with him?All the comments made during the entire earthquake anniversary can be said to be a nightmare for the party.These comments are intended for all those.

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