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Amaravati, March 14, (
Review the guarantees: CM Chandrababu.Chief Minister Chandrababu has held a teleconference with the Telugu Desam Party MPs on Wednesday. The event was attended by representatives of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and Assembly Planning Commission. Chandrababu said the AP reorganization law should be reviewed. The implementation of the guarantees given by Parliament to the AP should be reviewed. It is unfair to not respond to the Center on AP issues, "he said. The central government's attitude towards the people is a deep embarrassment. Stages have been suggested to strain the fight. There is no way left to do justice to the state. Here in the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council, the MPs have said that the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will echo any problems. Laluchi's people will remain guilty in the eyes of the people. The chief minister expressed concern over Union Minister Goyal interviews with TDP MPs. Allied MPs questioned the issue of giving MP to the MP without giving an appointment. Who is disgraced? Do you insult the state? The chief minister was angry. 


He commented that the alliance of the BJP was TDP or YCP. People are the ones who are high and people's aspirations are important to us. At the time of the parliament, there is a fight with Delhi. Later in the state, the struggle at district level suggests to be exacerbated. Parliament can indefinitely postpone the financial bills. In the debate on financial bills, he directed the MPs to discuss the special status and financial position. National parties should question the Delhi platform for implementation of the guarantees given to Andhrapradesh. He said that national parties should take care of the ignorance and indifference. National media should deal with AP issues. No one is absent from the House, and the people will be resurrected at the meetings. The Chief Minister said that people should feel that the House has done nothing but the absence of opposition.

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