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Hyderabad, March 14, (
Amala with Nagarjuna. Amalaadi Hit Pair opposite Nagarjuna is also a spouse of Amala Naag. Now, Nag is joining another set with Amala. Malayalam actress Amala paul Naag is going to act as heroine. Nani and Nagarjuna are the heroines of Amala Paul who will star opposite King in Nagarjuna. Young heroes are looking for girls to be looking for opportunities to get the opposite. Only the seniors are saying that they do not have the chance to get the young heroes in this background. Amala paul is also in the same stage. After the marriage and divorce, her young heroes do not give Chance. 


The heroine has been told to play with Nag in this background. she act as heroine opposite Nagarjuna's son a few years ago. Amala Paul is the heroine of the movie 'Bejavada' starring Naga Chaitanya. Amala is playing the heroine opposite Naag's son, Now the Naag will be acting right now! Amala was introduced to Telugu with the movie opposite Nagachaitanya.

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