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Hyderabad,March 3,(
KyaRay... Setting?Veeraiah Biddanira... Okkadine Vunna. Dillvunte Gumpuga Randi ra... Superstar entry in 'Kaala' Teaser.Tamil Thalaivaa Rajinikanth's 'Kabaali' director P Ranjith's 'Kaala' movie teaser on the combo in Dhanush production is being released on Friday.Razni Style in this movie teaser released in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi. There is a mixed response despite positive marks for her mark dialogues.The teaser is suddenly launched at midnight. 'Teaser has been adjourned for the death of Jayendra Saraswati despite the announcement that' Teaser 'will be released on March 1.Teaser was released on March 2 at 10 am.But on a few hours after the announcement on Thursday night, the producer Dhanush left the teaser on Twitter.Though teaser is released in Daytime, most of the comments are that the social media shakes to 'Kaala'.Varma's response to the latest 'Kalaa' teaser was released in his own style, with the 'Baahubali 2' shake of box office around the world."Bahubali 2 did not break 'Kaala' if he did not break Dysart Fans as a DSP.But does Varma compare this to the 'Kaala' Teaser with a Bahubali film? Or the 'Kaala' movie 'Bahubali 2' is not the clarity to say that it wants to break the collections.But if Verma wants, it is impossible that the Bahubali fans are doing tweets.


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