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Vijayawada, March 27, (
Formula One 1 Championship in Amaravati. Amaravati to attract the attention of the world, made another attempt Chandra worked ... Formula 1 Powerboat Racing championship hosted a great opportunity for the world-renowned to amaravati that many cities in India, like the wind had ... Rushing water power boats acrobatics kilometers the eyes are gleaning to jump Powerboating wondered feel ... this is lle, Amaravati, Bhavani Island in front of our eyes, "eph1hec2vo, organizers decided to hold the World championship. The F1 Water Sports Management Company operates in 8 metropolises across the world as part of the 2018 World Championship. Amaravati, India, along with Portugal, London, France, China and Dubai are also present. The championship commences in Portugal on May 18 and ends in Sharjah on December 15. Amravati will be the venue from November 22 to 24. The tournament took place ten years ago in India. Amaravati is going to be the venue later.


Chandrababu has been working hard to bring this F1H2O World Championship to our state last year, with the F1H2O delegates discussing four times in a year. The river is about 23 km from the barrage. The location of the 11th (Island), river curves, and the lack of water in the water, it is noted that this area is ideal for racing .... With the F1H2O delegation, these races will be useful for the state, in the state of Amaravati, Chandrababu asked to be recognized. Amaravati was chosen as the venue for this year's championship calendar as it is technically also available ... In November, international tourists, sports fans, journalists and media representatives are coming in Vijayawada in November.

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