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Hyderabad, March 27, (
Full Movies in this summer. This is all about movies. Ram Charan, Mahesh Babu, Allu Arjun, Ravi Teja, Nagarjuna, Nani, Nitin ... Many heroes are going to have fun with entertainment. This summer compared to last year. There is a seperate bus for every movie and a craze for market segments. Summer is a great season for movies. This is the time when a college is hired. All the guys are empty. They can easily come to theaters. The movies are so young that the Maharajas are young ... the cart runs smoothly. But this summer's summer is not easy. Because the competition at box office is more visible. A week is coming in a movie. Another movie to talk about a movie .. That's soon the next film ... The film is good or not ... they are all in the theater. People are putting a lazy film aside. Last week, MLA was released. 


Even though the film is not so great, In the usual season, however, a few days were standing at the box office. But now it is not. The theater is on the 30th. The film is good but it does not have a guarantee. The next day Nitin Chal Mohan will be going to Ranga. The release of a movie per week is good for movie fans. But the trouble with good movies. You have to cache in less than a week. If the film is average, people do not care about it. Because the box office is the most likely time for options. The larger theater movies are available to the theater ... but the span is very low. Even if the film is just a bit too - the next week will come to be forgotten. Smaller films do not find any gap. A number of films that are not competing with bigger movies are now out of release.

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