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Vijayawada, March 14, (
Babu fire on Piyush Goyal. AP CM Chandrababu was deeply concerned about the appointment of Union Minister Piyush Goyal to the TDP MPs. When asked about the issue of giving the MP to the YCP without giving an appointment to the allies, Babu was angry with the Bharatiya Janata Party. BJP friendship with YCP? TDP? That the people who are falling in the eyes of the people will be found guilty. We have advised the leaders that they are high-profile people and their wishes are important to us. Chandrababu, who conducted the telly conference with TDP MPs on Wednesday, said the review of the execution of the assurance of the Parliament as the witness of the AP Reorganization Act. It is unfair that the Center has not responded to the AP issues and the attitude of the center is a serious concern for the state. The MPs have been asked to intensify the fight in phases. The Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council have stressed that there is no need to leave the country to justice, and the issues of Andhrapradesh in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are there.


In the course of the parliament, the Delhi government should fight for the venue and then the state should continue to do it at district level. Parliament will continue to put an end to the financial bills and put it in the debate on these bills. All the meetings were to be attended, and the leaders were guided by the people to voice the voice of the people. The legislature, the council and the Parliament are talking about public issues. People should assume that the House is in the absence of opposition. Chief Minister Chandrababu told MLAs and MLCs that people should forget the opposition in the state. The absence of the absence of the House has led to a historic error and the people have a wide discussion on it. In the Legislative Assembly, Chandrababu reiterated that the resolution in the council should be used only to address public issues.

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