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 Vijayawada, March 30, (
Are AP politics running in reverse gear? Where are Leaders' Accusations Totally Ever? Parties for special status, package, fundraising credit? That is the answer. Now, for the special status of the AP, the opposition parties, including the Opposition and the ruling parties, have joined the mass movement. However, the last three years ago, the party has not changed yet. Leaders have not changed, but the situation has changed. The level of criticism of each other has also changed. Overall, three years ago, the situation in the state is no longer visible. Chandrababu at the time of special status. The package for the sake of    the leaders are now warned that the conditions will be hazardous for the status. The YCP has repeatedly stated that no one is fighting for the special status. Both sides are intensifying the fight against the center. 


However, three years ago, Jagan's criticisms were taken by Euron. Jagan was deeply saddened that Chandrababu had committed suicide in the center of the case. Besides, he also questioned who the package was. Chandrababu has caused a lot of criticism for loss of AP. Now, Babu has also opted for the status. But, unfortunately, Jagan is silent on the center. Chandrababu, who is in favor of it, and the whole team is firing. He criticized the specialty of the special category of Jagan to be bankrupted at the Center for the woes of his cases. Who threatened for status but warned that the situation would be intense. Similarly, what are the TDP MPs doing on the eagle eye of the VIPs MPs? Where are you? Who are you talking The key elements are also collected. It is noteworthy that the VIPs MPs have done these things in the past. Now the TDP, Janasena and BJP in the last election time have come to the tippection of the two parties now. The BJP did not get to TDP. Even today, Pawan is putting his hands on the mouth. Chandrababu is furious at TDP. This is due to the changing color of the political momentum of the election in AP. Overall, the reverse politics of the state has become interesting.

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