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Kurnool, March 30, (
In the Allagadda constituency, the divisions in the Telugu Desam Party are in line with the fact that the class divisions have turned to three groups. Former RIC chairman None A.V Subba Reddy said the decision was taken by the minister and all the members of  all-party constituency  had decided to take a stand on the political differences between the Lokpal Bill and All India Sub-Inspector Subba Reddy. On December 31, 2017, no one was invited to attend the Allgadda constituency, with more than 8,000 followers and well-wishers attending the unexpected expectations of the farewell feast to prove his strength in Subba reddy . On the 11th of this day, the late MLA Bhuma Reddy, was not present at the first meeting of the 1st death ceremony, but the minister was insistent on the style of the minister, the note and the earthly followers. 


Thus, in the days of Bhuma nagireddy, right to left alagadda  and Nandyala constituencies Bhuma is none of the family in the year of the death of the family, the friendships, the family relationships and the criticism of each other has become a major debate in the Alagadda and Nandyala constituencies. For two or three times, Subba Reddy had sacrificed his MLA ticket for the sake of Bhuma Nagi Reddy and did not have the strength to win, but also lost some financially. With the sudden death of Bhuma Nagi Reddy the earth and the distance between the families is none. After all, he became the minister for all. At the end of the election, the alliance did not participate in any meeting with the All India and Allies. There was no work together on any promotional campaign. After the success of TDP in the elections, the people of Allagadda commented that there was a big increase in the alliance between them. Subba reddy is in the queue and in the same way, he has set up a category in its own. Dr. innovate all the arrangements have been completed. Today, none of the 10,000 followers, well-wishers and TDP rankings are expected to be attended by Subbareddy. TDP is in the hands of three in the all-inclusive. The minister, who is represented by TDP, is all set to keep her rival on the other side of the line, and the other side of the IGP, The proverb that any adversarial force in the politics of the enemy is to be realized is true if it is true that the irigella group will support anyone.

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