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Hyderabad,February 10,(
Janasana chief Pawan Kalyan and Lok Satta president Jayaprakash Narayan met. He talked about the issues of Telugu states. Particularly in divisional guarantees, Andhra was informed about the central interests of the party and the BJP's policies on calculating expenditures to implement them. Pawan Kalyan said that the next function will be some clarification. After meeting, JP spoke to the media.  Kalyan is coming to public life when he is getting the best star in the film, rather than retirement. He liked to respond to public issues while earning money to watch him. It is not possible to make such decisions unless there is a desire to do something for the society. JP said he would see again and discuss all the issues related to the Telugu state and see how to get the benefits from the Center through the democratic channels. It's a good idea to join the Jansen with people like JP. Because he also left the job in a quest to do something for the society, the Lok Satta Movement organization was formed. 


There was an effective struggle on some of the system's errors. Later, the Lok Satta became a political party. But the hopes were not politically motivated. The Lok Satta was once again restricted to a public good. Pawan learns from Lok Satta experiences The Lok Satta Party, who came to the front of the new politics of the new generation, had to quit politics. Pavan needs to study this order. There is no JP's integrity as a person who has a desire to do something for society and society for the sake of society. But he must say that he failed to lead a political party as a leader. It is unlikely that JP has been left behind even if Lok Satta can not stand as a party. In the villages and towns, there was a strong branch of Lok Satta as a movement. 

The party can arrange the cadre required by them. But, without having to do that work, the party was hacked. It is also believed that ... Lok Satta believes that some of the celebrities come together with JP. But, the services of those who did not get the way to the party's future. The Lok Satta has made some mistakes in order to establish a party for the ideals and ideals and to achieve good results. The result is now a movement. Take into consideration the experience of Lok Satta .. An important lesson to learn Pawan is one! That's what .. .. once you decide to go into politics ... the power should be trusted by the power to make changes in society. " As a organization, you have to learn a sensitive difference to fight on public issues and fight for a political party. "If the party does not place the power for power, we will not come here for votes and politics without power." Such statements put the question of the party's survival in question. The experience of Lok Satta says this! JP also saw it as a movement. For the formation of cadre, JP has not made significant efforts to increase the percentage of votes. This is what I want to learn now. If the party wants to stand up with the Edagali and the Padikesh, people should make arrangements. And you have to see that Jansenana, who has come with JP, will try to learn something from the experience of Lok Satta ..!

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